NASCAR Betting In NY

NASCAR betting in NY is more popular than many people think. In terms of viewership, NASCAR is only rivaled by the National Football League. The spectator sport draws in hundreds of thousands of fans each year, whether they are watching from home or at one of the 20+ tracks located in the United States. New York is home to Watkins Glen International, which serves as the raceway for several major events. Some of these events include the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, I Love New York 355, NASCAR Xfinity Series, and more. The best part is that you can do more than just sit back and watch when you join NASCAR sports betting sites.

If you are new to NASCAR and betting in New York, you have come to the right place. You can learn about the various types of NASCAR bets that you can make at New York sports betting sites. There are more than 1,000 races run at the various tracks across the nation, and you will find NASCAR betting odds on many of them. Once you know the basics of how to wager, you can join an online sportsbook for NASCAR betting in NY.

How To Bet on NASCAR In NY

Learning how to bet on NASCAR in NY can be extremely profitable when you know which wagers to place. There are numerous betting options, including NASCAR odds on high-profile races and even qualifiers. Unlike more traditional sports such as football and basketball, NASCAR offers a wider range of bets in order to cover the larger number of drivers that may participate in a given race. There are outrights, props, and futures in NASCAR betting, all of which we will provide examples of below.

Outright NASCAR Betting

Outright NASCAR betting in NY is the most straightforward bet that you can make. You are simply betting on which driver will win a particular race. This can be quite difficult, as there may be a field of 40 drivers depending on the particular race. One tip that we have for most forms of NASCAR betting in NY is to bet on multiple drivers. With the odds so high, dividing your allotted bet amount across drivers can still be profitable if you win. Below is an example of an outright NASCAR bet for I Love New York 355 at the Glen:

Odds to Win I Love New York 355:

  • Martin Truex Jr: +700
  • Matt Kenseth: +800
  • Kyle Busch: +850
  • Kevin Harvick: +1200
  • Kyle Larson: +2500
  • Chase Elliott: +5000

This example shows just a handful of potential outright NASCAR bets that you could make. If you bet on Chase Elliot, you could bet $100 for a $5000 profit in your pocket. A $100 bet on on Martin Truex Jr. would yield $700 in winnings.

NASCAR Betting To Finish Top 3, Top 5, Top 10

NASCAR Top 3 and Top 5 odds are popular for NASCAR betting in NY. Rather than having to bet on who will win a race outright, you can bet on a driver to be one of the top 3, top 5, or top 10 finishers. When making this type of NASCAR bet, looking at power rankings is extremely helpful. You can find out how often a driver has finished in the top 3 and so on. This is a bet that you might expect to see posted at a NASCAR sports betting site:

Odds to Finish Top 3 at Watkins Glen:

  • Martin Truex Jr.: +200
  • Kyle Busch: +250
  • Kevin Harvick: +350
  • Kyle Larson: +750
  • Denny Hamlin: +1500

Odds to Finish Top 5 at Watkins Glen:

  • Martin Truex Jr:: +120
  • Kyle Busch: +250
  • Kevin Harvick: +500
  • Kyle Larson: +900

As you can see, the payout is better on Top 3 finishes than Top 5 since there are not as many positions open. You can bet on Kyle Larson by wagering $100 to win $900, or wager on Kevin Harvick by risking $100 to potentially win $500.

NASCAR Matchup Betting

NASCAR matchup betting is another common way to bet on NASCAR in N.Y. NASCAR drivers have qualifying runs that will determine their starting position and pit stall location in an upcoming race. You can bet on a NASCAR qualifying matchup, which is a wager on which driver will finish in a higher position during the qualifier. There is also standard matchup betting, where to you bet on which driver will have the better finish head-to-head. Here is an example of qualifying matchup bet.

NASCAR Qualifying Matchup Bet

  • Jimmie Johnson -125 vs Kyle Busch +150

If you saw this bet, you could infer that Jimmie Johnson is the favorite to place higher in the qualifier. If odds for Jimmie Johnson are -125, which means you would need to wager $125 to win $100. If you bet on Kyle Busch, you only need to wager $100 to take $150 on a winning wager.

NASCAR Prop Bets

NASCAR prop bets are based on scenarios in a race other than the outright winner. These props can fall into several different categories, and there may be dozens of props posted for a particular race. You should not jump on every NASCAR prop bet that you see, but you can find value in certain bets. Here are some of the more popular prop bets for NASCAR betting in NY:

  • Which Driver Will Lead The Most Laps?
  • Which Car Manufacturer Will Win The Race?
  • What Driver Will Be On The Pole?
  • Total Yellow Flags Will There Be During The Race?

NASCAR Futures Bets

NASCAR Futures are posted months ahead of when an event is scheduled to occur, and are popular for NASCAR betting in NY. The most popular NASCAR futures bet is on the odds to win the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Championship, which was formerly called the Sprint Cup. Monster Energy NASCAR Cup odds are posted shortly after the previous season comes to an end, and this is when you can get the best overall value. Once the season starts, the odds will continue to go in favor of the house. This is especially true of drivers that are heavy favorites whose odds will only continue to shorten. Here is an example of what odds for betting on the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Championship might look like:

  • Martin Truex Jr. #78 +350
  • Jimmie Johnson #48 +500
  • Kyle Larson #42 +500
  • Kyle Busch #18 +550
  • Brad Keselowski #2 +750

To bet on Martin Truex Jr. to win the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup, you would wager $100 to potentially win $350. If you were to bet on Jimmie Johnson, you would put down $100 to collect $500 on a winning bet.

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NASCAR Betting FAQ’s

Is NASCAR Betting Legal In New York?

NASCAR is legal in New York, both in terms of watching and wagering. When it comes to betting on NASCAR betting in NY, racing fans must use online sportsbooks rather than taking the risk with a local bookie. As long as the sports betting site is based offshore, sports bettors will be able to wager on NASCAR betting odds without issue. There are no federal laws that make using licensed offshore sportsbooks illegal, and there has never been an instance of a casual bettor in NY getting into trouble for placing online bets at a legit site.

How Do I Make A Deposit At An Online Sportsbook?

To start betting on NASCAR in New York, you will first need to make a deposit at an online sportsbook. You only need to create your account and visit the online cashier, where you will find various sportsbook deposit options. We recommend making a bitcoin deposit, as this method is extremely reliable and fast. You can deposit anywhere from $20 to $25,000 in BTC depending on the sportsbook, and there are no deposit fees. Bettors can also make instant deposits with a Visa or MasterCard of up to about $5,000. Checks, bank wires, and money orders are also deposit options.

Are There Bonuses For Betting On NASCAR?

Yes, there are online sportsbook bonuses for betting on NASCAR in New York. The biggest bonuses can be found when you first join a sports betting site, with the sportsbook matching your initial deposit by anywhere from 25% to 100% instantly. If you are interesting in live betting odds on NASCAR, you may be able to redeem a free bet at sportsbooks like BetOnline. SportsBetting even offers a mobile betting bonus when you bet on NASCAR from your smartphone or tablet.

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