Bovada – The Best New York Sportsbook

Most every Bovada sportsbook review in recent years has had one glaring omission: access and availability to New York sports bettors. Thankfully, that’s not the case anymore, as Bovada is finally available to bettors living in the state of New York. Thus, practically overnight, Bovada has gone from being a no-show in the state to being the absolute best New York sportsbook!

Since 2016, Bovada had not accepted Empire State residents as new customers, primarily because of then-pending legislation that made navigating the legal waters around online-based gambling tricky. However, with sports betting now being legalized not only in New York but around the rest of the country (with more states signing up all the time), Bovada is now empowered to once again accept NY members. If you live in the Big Apple or the surrounding area and have been wanting to use Bovada’s award-winning website and odds boards to place wagers on your favorite teams, now you can. Signing up is 100% free, and Bovada has famously never missed a payout, so you know you’re in good hands.

Bovada Sportsbook
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Best Bovada Deposit Methods

The best Bovada deposit methods are easy to identify because the site and service make it easy: credit cards and Bitcoin! Because Bovada’s focus is on access and immediacy in all things, it has limited the banking options it supports for depositing funds into your account. However, that’s a very good thing, as Bovada supports only those options that transfer same-day, meaning you’ll never have to send in a check or money order and wait two weeks before being able to place your wagers.

Credit card deposits include support for Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, as well as select Visa gift cards (which must be good for international and online purchases in order to be valid). Bitcoin is also supported at Bovada, as is Bitcoin Cash.

Credit transactions, while fast, carry lower limits when compared to Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash, and there are attached fees to be aware of. Cryptocurrency transactions (Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash) are slower than credit transactions, but they still process the same day, and they carry lower limits.

  • Credit Card deposit limits: $20 Min, $1500 Max
  • Credit Card deposit fees: First deposit free, Visa/MC: 5.9%, AmEx: 9.9%
  • Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash deposit limits: $10 Min, $5000 Max
  • Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash deposit fees: No fees (market exchange rate applies)
Best Bovada Withdrawal Methods

Since Bovada does not do chargebacks for payouts anymore (nor does any online bookmaker, for that matter), the fastest and best Bovada withdrawal methods are to use Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. These process on the same day as you make your withdrawal request with your Bovada cashier, and they typically clear into your crypto account in just a few hours (but can take up to a day or so, depending on network and exchange traffic). You can also accept a check by courier as your payout, though this will take several days – and sometimes more than a week – to show up in your hands stateside. For immediate payouts, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are the only ways to go.

  • Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash withdrawal limits: $10 Min, $9500 Max (1 per 3 days)
  • Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash withdrawal fees: No fees (market exchange rate applies)
  • Courier Check withdrawal limits: $100 Min, $3000 Max (1 per 7 days)
  • Courier Check withdrawal fees: 1 free per 90 days, $100 per additional payout per 90 days
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Bovada Bonuses For NY Members

There are several valuable Bovada bonuses for NY members who sign up now. The most common bonus available to first-time members is Bovada’s $250 Sports Welcome Bonus, which is consistently the best promotion in the entire online gaming industry. With this bonus, Bovada will match your first deposit by 50% up to $250, and the free-plays come with only a 5X rollover, making this the perfect perk for both casual and serious bettors alike.

Of course, the above bonus is only one reason why Bovada is the best New York sportsbook. There are plenty more. For example, Bovada also has a $5000 Cryptocurrency Bonus, which is comprised of three different $1500 bonuses that are applied to your account per a similar 50% deposit-match standard. This bonus goes towards both Bovada’s New York sportsbook and its casino betting services, which are also available to NY residents. Other Bovada bonuses available to first-time New York bettors is their $3000 Casino Welcome Bonus and their 100% Poker Welcome Bonus, but these have very high rollover requirements and may not be right for all players betting in New York.

Mobile Betting At Bovada

Mobile betting at Bovada is one of the primary reasons that New York bettors have been clamoring for the service to return to the Empire State, because Bovada offers hands-down the best iPhone betting and Android betting experiences in the industry. In fact, Bovada’s mobile betting portal is so convenient – all you need is an Internet connection and a smartphone or tablet with a modern browser – that most of the site’s traffic goes through the mobile interface, whether bettors are at home or out on the town. There is no app to download, and there are no added fees of any kind. All of Bovada’s first-class services, promotions, and account management features are available via mobile, so you’re always just a tap away from winning big!

Live Betting At Bovada

Live betting at Bovada is available to all New York residents, and you can access this exciting feature through both Bovada’s desktop and mobile betting portals. Unlike traditional betting, live betting allows you to place wagers at Bovada during the actual games themselves. This not only makes watching your favorite players and teams that much more engaging and entertaining, but live betting (aka in-game betting) is also a great way to double down on your winning bets or recoup losses from bets gone awry.

Because Bovada uses state-of-the-art technology to drive its sportsbook, live odds are updated every few seconds. Better yet, because Bovada’s live betting is mobile-ready, you will never miss a high-value line because you weren’t glued to your computer at the house. As long as you have a data connection in New York, you can participate in live betting at Bovada.

Bovada New York Sportsbook FAQs

Is Bovada available in all 50 states?

Bovada isn’t just the best New York sportsbook, it’s also the best sportsbook in most of the US. In fact, Bovada now accepts new members from 46 states. The only exceptions are Delaware, Nevada, Maryland, and New Jersey.

How much does it cost to sign up at Bovada?

It costs absolutely nothing to sign up at Bovada, and all of their sports betting, casino gaming, poker, and horse racing gambling options are available to NY residents.

Should I accept the bonus?

Whether or not you should accept the bonus offered to New York bettors at Bovada depends on several factors. Because of rollover requirements, the following serves as a general rule for 99% of players: If you are in it for the long haul and/or are going to bet large sums or bet frequently, you shouldn’t have any trouble meeting the rollover requirements, so you can take the bonus. If you are betting for supplemental income and to pay bills or if you simply want to bet on select events here and there, the bonus is not for you.

Does Bovada accept any altcoins?

Currently, Bovada accepts Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. While Bovada may add other cryptocurrencies to its stable in the near future, for now, these are your only two crypto options.

Is Bovada legal to use?

Yes, Bovada is 100% legal to use, as it is located in Kahnawake, Canada, and operates wholly outside of US legal jurisdiction. There are no federal or state laws that forbid individual gamblers from accessing and using Bovada to risk and win real money over the Internet.

Is Bovada safe to use?

Bovada is absolutely safe to use. Not only do their desktop and mobile sites run on state-of-the-art encrypted technologies, you can also use Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash to enhance that security and anonymity even further.

How old do I have to be to use Bovada?

New York residents only have to be 18 years old to sign up and bet on sports at Bovada. However, because NY state law mandates that sports betting is allowed only for those aged 21 and older, it is best to defer to that law, even though Bovada is an offshore, online sportsbook.

Will Bovada withhold my winnings for taxes?

Bovada is the best New York sportsbook, so they will never withhold any of your winnings for taxes, nor will they report your winnings to the IRS or your state tax collector. However, in order to comply with US laws, you must report all your earnings to the appropriate taxation agencies every year, so keep track of your betting slips and receipts!