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The Empire State is home to more than 10 different clubs and teams, which is why the topic of New York sports betting comes up frequently for fans. With the absence of land-based sportsbooks, fans of the New York Knicks, Giants, Rangers, and other teams are unsure of where they can bet on sports in NY. While there are two states that do offer brick and mortar sportsbooks, there is a far more convenient and much less costly way to place wagers – via online sportsbooks. Online sports betting in New York gives you the same betting options that you would find along the Strip, plus more.

If you are unfamiliar with using New York sports betting sites, you are not alone. There is a wealth of information, plus dozens of betting websites to choose from when you decide to start betting using the internet. When getting started, you should of course explore the sites that have betting options for New York sports teams, but there are also additional considerations. We can give you an introduction to betting on sports in New York that includes details on where to bet, sports betting wager types, NY sportsbook deposit methods, and more. You can even learn more about how bonuses work at NY sports betting sites and smart sports betting strategies. Our New York sports betting guide is all-encompassing, so take your pick of what you’d like to know and we have you covered.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In New York?

There is a common misconception amongst sports fans is that all forms of New York sports betting are illegal, but this is not true. Online sports betting is legal in New York when you use reputable online sportsbooks. All of these legitimate N.Y. sports betting sites are based offshore and are licensed to accept players from NY and the rest of the U.S. Operated from sports betting-friendly locations such as Antigua and Panama, NY sports enthusiasts can rest assured that these sites have the proper credentials. While you will not find US-based sports betting sites, there are no legality issues for bettors that use offshore online sportsbooks. Betting on sports in New York is all about knowing where to place your bets.

New York Sports Betting Laws

You might expect the New York sports betting laws section to be quite intensive, but it’s actually the opposite. The state of New York has no laws that directly mention betting on sports. That, however, does not mean that you can just go to a bar and start betting on sports. There are general laws that prohibit where you can and cannot gamble. Sports betting is specifically addressed on a federal level, which is why New York State Legislature has not enacted any of their own laws as of yet.

That being said, New York is one of the several states advocating for regulated sports betting. Though the state has not moved to challenge any of the existing federal laws that restrict sports betting, New York has introduced a bill that would legalize sports betting should the ban be lifted. NY S01282 would permit the state to regulate and license sportsbooks within the state. Residents would be able to place sports wagers at racetracks, casinos, and New York OTB locations. It is uncertain if or when the bill will be passed, which is why sports fans can still rely on New York sports betting sites.

New York Sports Betting Age

The New York sports betting age is 21 years old, at which point you can join any online sportsbook. Most online sportsbooks will require bettors to be at least 21, but if you come across a site that accepts players at a younger age you will still need to wait until you are 21. The legal NY sports betting age always supersedes the age minimum provided by the sportsbook. This ensures that your account is not flagged for underage gambling, which is something we strongly caution against. The New York sports betting age is 21 years old, at which point you can join any online sportsbook. Most online sportsbooks will require bettors to be at least 21, but if you come across a site that accepts players at a younger age you will still need to wait until you are 21. The legal NY sports betting age always supersedes the age minimum provided by the sportsbook. This ensures that your account is not flagged for underage gambling, which is something we strongly caution against.

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Federal Sports Betting Laws You Should Know

It is beneficial to become familiar with the federal sports betting laws that impact NY sports betting. Though we cover these laws in more detail on our ‘New York sports betting laws, past and present’ page, you can still get a general overview in this section.

Starting from the oldest law, the Wire Act of 1961 prohibited the use of wire communications to transmit sports betting information. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) is why there are no brick and mortar options for betting on sports in New York. PASPA banned land-based sportsbooks in the majority of the United States. Our most recent federal sports betting law was the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA). The UIGEA is essentially a banking law that prevents payments related to online gambling from being processed. The key take away from all of these federal laws is that though they impact sports betting in New York, the statutes only address operators rather than casual bettors.

New York Sports Betting Markets

There are so many New York sports betting markets that just about anyone can find something exciting to bet on. There are of course your five major professional sports leagues that each have franchises in New York. There are a few collegiate teams for NCAA basketball and football fans. NASCAR betting in NY is also quite popular. There are often guides that offer tips for betting on sports, such as how to use injury reports for sports betting or smart handicapping strategies.

The state of New York is also home to some of the best entertainment venues in the US. You can bet on most of the events that you would find at some of the more popular venues. Madison Square Garden betting is huge, with NY sports betting sites offering odds on WWE, UFC, boxing, and more. Hyper-local events are also an option, so if you are interested in betting on Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest you are in luck. eSports betting in New York is starting to grow in popularity, and online sportsbooks have you covered there as well. The list of what to bet on in New York is extensive and we can guarantee that there will never a shortage of markets to bet on.

The Differences Between NY Sports Betting Sites And Land-Based Sportsbooks

There are a few differences between the best NY sports betting sites and a land-based sportsbooks. The most obvious difference is that online sports betting provides an unparalleled level of flexibility and convenience. Aside from this, there are also huge bonuses and promotions that you certainly will not find in Vegas or Delaware. An online sportsbook like BetOnline might give you a bonus of up to $2,500 just for creating an account. If you are unsure of how bonuses work at NY sportsbooks, we can tell you that they can be quite beneficial when used properly.

There are also more betting options at online sportsbooks. Though the sports betting wager types remain similar, the selection of sports that you can bet on online is much wider. You will find World Series betting and horse racing betting which are popular in NY, but you can also bet on entertainment and politics. This is a huge shift from a sportsbook in DE where you will only have NFL betting. Another difference is that you will have options such as live betting that are exclusive to online sports betting. Betting with bitcoin in New York has also risen in popularity, which is an option now offered by many of the top online sportsbooks that you will not find in Vegas.

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New York Sports Betting FAQ's

Has Anyone Been Arrested For Online Sports Betting In New York?

No. There has never been a casual bettor arrested for betting on sports in New York online. Any sportsbook featured on our site is reputable, secure, and is 100% US-friendly. The only people that have been or would get arrested are those that use local bookies or are involved in bookmaking. As long as you use a legitimate New York sports betting site, you should not worry about getting into trouble.

What Is The Best Way To Fund My Legal NY Sports Betting Account?

The best way to fund your legal New York sports betting account is with bitcoin. The digital currency is fast, reliable, and 100% secure. You can instantly send anywhere from $10 to $25,000 depending on the online sportsbook. There are also no fees when you make bitcoin sportsbook deposits. Other deposit options at NY online sportsbooks include Visa, MasterCard, checks, and MoneyGram. High roller sports bettors may also be interested in bank wires, which have no maximum deposit limit. It only takes a few days to complete and the fees can be minimal compared to the large amounts that can be transferred.

How Do I Get Paid My Winnings?

Getting your money out of a New York sports betting site is just as easy as getting it in, especially with bitcoin. You can use bitcoin for the fastest sportsbook payouts across all sites. Your winnings will be transferred within 48 hours and there are no withdrawal fees. The typical withdrawal limits will be from $20 to $10,000. Additional options for NY sports betting withdrawals include check, bank wire, money order, and Western Union payouts. These methods may incur fees, but many sites do offer one free payout per month. When betting on sports in New York online, you can always count on receiving your winnings.

Are Mobile Sports Betting Apps Available In New York?

Mobile sports betting apps are available in New York, and in most cases, no download is required. You can actually visit your favorite New York sports betting sites from a mobile device to be automatically directed to their mobile sportsbook. Login with your existing credentials, and start getting in on the same exciting betting action. With mobile sports betting in NY, you can bet on the same odds, place the same wagers, and win just as much cash. Betting on sports in New York from your mobile phone lets you take your entire sportsbook wherever you are.

Can I Sign up At More Than One New York Sports Betting Site?

Not only can you sign up at more than one New York sports betting site, we recommend it. Having accounts at multiple sites makes it easier to line shop, which is comparing two or more betting lines for the best value. Line shopping can help you maximize your profits over a period of time by betting at the best price. With your accounts already set up, you can easily and quickly place wagers before any line movements occur. Having at least two online sports betting accounts is a great tip for a successful betting strategy.